Kay Wharton Ministries

Kay Wharton Ministries

is located in Toano, Virginia.  Evangelist Wharton is an accomplished Evangelist, Prophet, Teacher, and Preacher that walks circumspectly in her ministry.

Evangelist Wharton preaches with a compelling force so that sinners will repent and those already in the body of Christ will take self-inventory of their individual relationship with Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior. She received Christ in her life in 1979 and has been on an intensive and mission for God.

As a disciplinarian and her quest to please God in the furtherance of her education she has successfully completed courses at the Tidewater Bible College and received her Master of Theology from North Carolina College of Theology June 2016.

She is also advancing her applications in the field of Family Counseling, Spiritual Healing, and Entrepreneurship for Women’s clothing and jewelry.

She has been blessed to travel extensively throughout the United States and abroad for personal time as well as ministry.  Evangelist Wharton has a unique style of preaching where she will declare what “thus saith the Lord” and pronounce the benediction.

Evangelist Wharton has been married for 44 years to her loving husband Nathaniel D. Wharton Jr., and is the mother of two sons Najee Wharton and Najeeb Wharton, and the proud grandmother of four grandchildren.

CONTACT WhartonKay@yahoo.com