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 Bayhealth Hospital Chaplaincy Services

Hospital Chaplain: Bishop Ronald R. Richardson Sr.

Bishop Ronald Richardson is a Chaplain at Bayhealth Hospital in Dover. The Department of Chaplaincy Services is responsible for the religious and spiritual care of patients and their families during their hospital stay.  On-call clergy and lay pastoral care volunteers represent over 40 congregations from Smyrna to Bridgeville, Delaware.

Chaplaincy Services

  • Bedside communion available upon request
  • Visits to patients and family members to provide emotional and spiritual support
  • Comfort and support during times of crisis, loss and grief and support in making difficult decisions
  • Assistance with religious rituals such as scripture, prayer and the Sacraments
  • Notification of patient’s own pastor for support, on request
  • Regularly scheduled worship services
  • Individual or group counseling, prayer meetings or discussions
  • Spiritual care literature
  • Ministry to persons of diverse spiritual and religious traditions
  • 24-hour access to pastoral support by the Chaplain or on-call Chaplain
  • Chapel available 24 hours a day for prayer, meditation, ritual or special services

A Chaplain may be called when a patient or family member:

  • Receives a difficult diagnosis
  • Experiences a decline in condition
  • Expresses concern about life’s meaning and purpose
  • Asks to see a Chaplain
  • Expresses the need to forgive or be forgiven
  • Requests religious ritual-prayer, scripture, Sacrament
  • Faces decisions regarding treatment
  • Pastoral support may be requested by any member of the patient’s care team, the patient or a family member.

To Receive Chaplaincy Services call :

Kent General Hospital Chaplaincy Services                                          
(302) 744-7187

Chaplaincy Services Pager (available 24 hours a day)
(302) 677-9946


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